About the Author

history of the gorah nixNicola Schwimwas born in Durban South Africa in 1980. While she grew up in Johannesburg City, she was able to visit many wildlife areas and game reserves throughout Southern Africa during her childhood, along with her family who taught her that thelove of nature and the wildernessalways offers direction to the souls that care for it.


Displaying a passion for the outdoors since a young age, Nicola’s ‘weekend’ love soon turned into a career and life obsession.  She qualified in Game Ranging and Lodge Management faculties, and later advanced to Game Farm Management. Over the years Nicola went on to achieve high ranks in the field guiding fraternity, aiming constantly at expanding her knowledge and qualifications in her field. She worked at several National Parks and reserves before joining the Gorah Elephant Camp (www.gorah.comin Addo National Park in July 2005 where her spark soon emerged into a self fuelled flame that set off a wild fire of her love and dedication to the Gorah Elephant Camp and the amazing Addo Park.

Over several years that Nicola spent at the camp, she became obsessed with Gorah’s unique history, the amazing elephants and their sense of spirituality, and the lodges fantastic niche and charm in the hospitality industry. She began writing and collecting memorabilia of the camp to expand on her stories of the Gorah which she loved to share with her guests.

history of the gorah elephants

Nicola published her first book Elephant Footprints, A Ranger’s Photographic Journal of the Gorah Elephant Camp in the Addo Elephant National Park, in August 2007, a book which has veiled amazing success since its release. The book is an in-depth coffee table book that denoted years of her journal and love of the Gorah Elephant Camp through stories she experienced while working as a ranger and guide at the beautiful camp.

The book was complimented with a collection of her own fantastic photographs, a hobby of hers that she had developed while at Gorah, and touched deeply into the fascinating spiritual world of the elephants, and their unity with Gorah.

Nicola now works as a freelance guide, wildlife photographer and author, spending much of her time travelling and sharing her passion and her work with the world. She has taken on a new journey of studying holistic medicine, but continues to fuel her fire with love of the outdoors, dedicating her time to her beloved Gorah, and her elephants, in whichever way and whenever she can. She is currently based in Port Elizabeth.